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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our training and qualifications.

Apprenticeships FAQ’s

An Apprenticeship is an ‘on the job’ training programme that develops an employee’s competence in the key areas they need to, in order to perform their job role. The training is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of each individual, building on their strengths and identifying areas for improvement. An Apprenticeship may involve 1:1 support, discussion, on the job assessments, online learning as well as formal taught sessions and workshops
Apprenticeships are increasingly recognised as the gold standard for work-based training. Each Apprenticeship has been co-developed with employers and employer bodies, to ensure their relevance to their sector and to help to address the UK’s skills shortage areas.

All training will be delivered remotely, via the use of a comprehensive online Apprenticeship platform. This platform is used to deliver Apprenticeship programmes pre-built by fully competent, industry experienced trainers. The platform maps out all the activities over set time frames, throughout the duration, which are to be completed by the Apprentice or in collaboration with their trainer. The platform also allows easy feedback between Apprentice & trainer throughout.

Yes, an Apprenticeship is a work-based qualification that requires work-based learning.

No, Apprenticeship training can be accessed by both new recruits and existing staff to improve their skills and performance. All employees aged 16 years and over can complete an Apprenticeship.

SME’s are only able to have up to 10 Apprentices at any one time.

The government will contribute 95% towards the training costs of your Apprenticeship. Your employer will then be required to pay the remaining 5%. This can be paid in a one-off payment or quarterly, through the programme duration and is known as ‘The Apprenticeship Levy’

As per the 5% levy contribution, Employers will be expected to make the following contribution per qualification.

Driver CPC FAQ’s

The training is delivered via ‘ZOOM’ an online video conferencing tool. Each participant will a training link 24 hours prior to their scheduled session to the email address provided during the booking.

Commonly all sessions run from 9:00 to 16.30 This includes a 30-minute break for lunch. For online training, participants are required to be logged in and ready for 08:45 for ID check.

Drivers are required to completed 35 hours (5 days) of periodic training every 5 years. This can be spread over the duration of the 5 years or completed towards tail end of drivers qualification card expiry date.

In the event that you lose connection, we would ask all participants to try to reconnect as soon as possible or contact us. Every effort will be made to allow you to continue with your training, however, this can be at the discretion of your trainer.

Yes, you are able to complete the same module more than once, however, wherever possible we recommend that participants aim to sit a range of modules, to continue to stretch their knowledge.

Yes, all online sessions are recorded and kept secure, in the event of a possible audit from JAUPT.

ID can be sent securely via email (info@learnforlife.training) or via WhatsApp (07713728428)

Payment is required within 48 hours from the point you receive your invoice. Payment can be made via Stripe (our online platform), bank transfer or via telephone.

Yes, our costs include all upload fees and certification.

Certification will be sent the next working day. For example, if you attend a module on a Saturday, you will receive the certificate on the Monday.

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